16 Films That Seriously Need a Female-Led Reboot

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While the constant stream of remakes and reboots hitting our screens can sometimes get a bit much, there’s one trend that we’re totally here for. I refer, of course, to the spate of all-female remakes that Hollywood has released or announced in the past few years. Turns out 2016’s wonderful Ghostbusters reboot was just the beginning. Producers have just released the poster for the all-female version of Ocean’s ElevenOcean’s Eight. 1950s dystopian novel Lord of the Flies is set to receive the same treatment, as is comedy classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The mission to address the gender imbalance on our screens has begun.

In light of this, we’ve had a think about which other classic films we’d love to see remade with women at the helm. How cool could Women in Black be, for example? Who wouldn’t want to watch mafia-based thriller The Godmother? Here are our top picks of movies that need to get an all-female remake as soon as possible.