18 Film Stars Who’ve Never Won An Acting Academy Award

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Have you ever heard that pity-inducing saying “always the bridesmaid, never a bride”? Well, every awards season, a slightly amended version of that becomes a nightmarish reality for a ton of celebs: always the nominee, but never the winner. In all the excitement of red carpets, acceptance speeches, awards show gaffes and shock wins, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole crowd of people who end up going home from the Academy Awards empty-handed. Just look at Leonardo DiCaprio: before his 2016 Best Actor win for The Revenant, he’d been nominated five times without success. We’d started to wonder if poor Leo would ever get his time to shine.

In fact, a whole host of famous faces have never had their name read out from that all-important card. Despite being some of the biggest names in Hollywood, they’ve never been able to translate their success into actual Oscars. Spare a thought for these surprising award-less actors and actresses. Will 2018 be their year? Who knows…