It’s Saturday, So Let’s Listen To Celebs Read Fifty Shades Of Grey

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fifty shades of grey book cover

After selling over 25 million copies in the U.S alone, it's fair to call Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James America’s guilty pleasure. It’s about this super naive, virginal college student named Anastasia Steele who meets this guy Christian Grey. Christian is like crazy rich and successful, but also very mysterious, which obviously only makes Anastasia want him more. Eventually Christian admits that he wants to do the deed with her too but only if she agrees to all the kinky stuff he likes. He writes up a contract that pretty much says she isn't allowed to tell anyone about all the crazy sex they’re about to have and she agrees (because gag orders on your sex life are no big deal or whatever). Anyway, it turns out Christian is into some REALLY freaky stuff. I don’t mean light spanking or doing it with the lights on; I’m talking whips, chains and all that good stuff. Before you know it little Ana starts to see that Christian might be dealing with some stuff and maybe she isn't ready for it.

Since the announcement early last year that there would be a film adaptation it seems like everyone has openly embraced their interests in fetishes and kinky sex much more easily than we ever thought possible. The movie is the most anticipated book adaptation in the history of book adaptations — and months after being announced, it still has no screenplay or cast.

Everyone from Emma Watson to Shailene Woodley has been rumored to play Ana, while Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling are among favorites for Christian Grey. Nearly every A and B list celeb has been picked through trying to find the perfect leads and still we have no one. E.L James just can’t make up her mind and it’s driving everyone crazy! But luckily there are several parodies to get you through this tough time, like this Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook or the Funny Or Die parody staring Selena Gomez.

But even better is the fact that celebrities are reading Fifty Shadesrecording themselves and posting it online. Some of them shy away from the more graphic language and some of them end up ruining our childhood a little bit, but it’s one of the more entertaining trends — no matter how many times you see it. Even if you're trying to hold out from reading the books or simply have no interest in any of the shades, these videos are way too funny not to watch.

We searched the entire interweb and found the five best for you to watch.

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