Cancel The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie, Law & Order:SVU Covered Everything Last Night

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Has anyone caught this hot new show Law & Order: SVU? It's this super awesome crime series that focuses on the horrors of rape, murder and sexual abuse in an incredibly entertaining format. Oh and it's usually based in a very vague way on a completely true story just to really drive the tragedy home. I don't want to say it's fun for the whole family, but I also don't want to lie to you. The 26th season of Law & Order: SVU is the 7th Heaven of 2012. You heard it here first, and probably nowhere else ever.

So last night the always topical show dove into the Fifty Shades of Grey mania that's currently sweeping our country. Or “whipping our country into submission” as someone who's never read the book but knows a thing or two about looking up BDSM sex on Wikipedia  might say.

While I planned on transcribing the entire episode and sharing it with you today, my only notes are “anal fissures” and that's all you really need to know about this episode. It uses the word anal fissures in reference to Vada Sultenfuss, looks like my girl (our girl?) is all grown up now.

And in the L&O Universe, she's successful author Jocelyn Paley who's outsold E.L James with her book 25 Acts. So naturally she gets raped by a talk show host. Such is life when you guest star on this show.

But then, just when the episode started to feel like any old episode of Law & Order, they got real controversial by accusing Jocelyn Paley of plagiarism. In case you're not following the real life behind-the-scenes Fifty Shades of Grey drama, E.L James commonly gets accused of stealing her story from the Twilight saga. In fact, many people say she originally wrote the book online as Twilight fan fiction — and then pulled all the evidence when she sold it as a real book .

So actually, bravo SVU, you actually did write a story pulled from the headlines (of a ton of fan forums).

In the episode we find out that Jocelyn Paley's professor wrote the book and then paid Jocelyn to promote it as her own — because the professor's a respected academic and could never attach her name to such filth. They all come clean in an effort to put the rapist behind bars and the episode ends with the vague moral that you shouldn't plagiarize. Hear that E.L James!?

You just got called out by everyone's favorite lazy Sunday marathon show.

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