This Guy Mispronouncing Fifty Shades Of Grey Without Anyone Noticing Is Stupidly Hilarious

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Jimmy Fallon Fifty Shades of Grey segment August 2014

Ever since the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was released, we've started having to relive a few years ago when the books became popular. Everything is suddenly “Are you going to see it?” or “Have you read the book?” or “Do you think it looks stupid but are secretly going to see it anyway?” or “Will they include the tampon scene?” Sometimes you just have to mix up the way you ask those questions to make things more entertaining. That's what Jimmy Fallon had his Tonight Show writer Arthur do on the streets of New York by mispronouncing the movie title a dozen different ways. Did people notice and/or point it out? No, of course they didn't.

No matter how much you tell yourself you will not be entertained by a guy asking someone if they plan to see Fizzy Snack Are Great, only to have them answer seriously, you're powerless to this video's stupid hilarity. And really, what's better to wake up to on a Friday morning than something stupidly funny? Sure, it's kind of just a New York version of Jimmy Kimmel's “Lie Witness News,” but there are funny combinations of words involved, so I'm sold. The best is when he uses two different titles on the same person and they still don't question it. I like to imagine all these people immediately went to get their hearing checked after this.

Of course, most of the people Arthur asks haven't read the book or aren't sure if they'll see the movie anyway, until he gets to the lady who immediately replies that yes, she has read the book 50 Randy Quaids, without hesitation. And the subtext of that statement is “Wow oh wow, was it a great book! Can't wait to see how they replicate Randy so many times. I'm sure he'll put in a performance on par with Tatiana Maslany!”