Morgan Freeman Narrating Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Hilarious And Horrifying All At Once

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This video of a Morgan Freeman impersonator reading from the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Darker will delight you. But it will also frighten you. Not only does actor/comedian Josh Robert Thompson sound exactly like Morgan Freeman, but he also takes your mind to places it never wants to go.

Such as Morgan Freeman talking explictilty about rough sex. Like every other God-fearing American who views Morgan Freeman as God, this is exactly what I don't want to hear him talking about. Morgan Freeman should talk about penguins and democracy and the proper way to make a sandwich.

But not a ham sandwich. A sex act he describes on this very video.

So while part of me wants to tell you not to watch this video because it will give you nightmares (narrated by Morgan Freeman), you need to watch this video. At least until the next round of casting rumors for Christian Grey and Anastastia Steele come around. It's just another fun way to celebrate the book that's sweeping the nation.

Also, it's an excuse to watch an NSFW video in front of other people. They'll never know what you're really hearing in your headphones. Unless they're perverts who always equate Morgan Freeman's face to BDSM sex.

And sorry in advance for ruining your image of Morgan Freeman forever.

Enjoy your weekend!


(Photo: Pacific Coast News)