In News Stranger Than (Fan) Fiction, Fifty Shades Of Grey Comes Up During Senator Debate

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During a debate last night between New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand and her challenger Wendy Long, someone asked the women if they'd read Fifty Shades of Grey.

The question, directed at Long, came from Liz Benjamin, the host of Capital Tonight on YNN, which sponsored the debate, who didn't sound terribly comfortable asking it. “Me neither, for the record,” she replied, after Long said she hadn't read the book and Gillibrand just laughed. The question was part of a “lightning round” of yes-or-no questions that included “do you write your own tweets,” Policy Mic reported.

Thank you.

I'm so tired of hearing our political candidates wax poetic about taxes and healthcare and foreign policy. Sometimes I'm like do I like in the United States of America or the United States of Zzzzzz. Know what I'm saying?

I want to hear candidates talk about the real issues that really matter to real women. Uteruses smuterus. Let the men work that nonsense out among themselves while us ladies chitchat about the things that actually impact our lady bits.

While they apparently left the question at what you see above, I want to hear more from Gillibrand and Long. Also Clinton and Pelosi and Abby and Brittany Hensel and every other woman in power right now. Not only do I need to know if they read the book, but I want to know their thoughts on casting. I think it says a lot about a person who would choose to cast Mila Kunis as Anastasia Steele over Emma Watson.

Even though I know some people will read this article and say it's nonsense, I want to make it clear that this is important to all American women. Sure, right now it may seem trivial. But when things go awry in Washington and we end up watching Danny DeVito play Christian Grey, you'll regret not paying attention to this issue.

These are the moments that define our society and let's make sure that when our kids look back at 2012, they can look back with pride and admiration. They can say, “I'm so happy Mommy went to Washington D.C and did a hunger strike on the Capitol steps until some senator agreed to get the casting decisions moving along a little faster on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.”

But what do I know. I'm just an idealist with a dream and a vision and a little hope that with our combined powers we can get Matt Bomer to take the role of Christian Grey.