21 Fictional TV Feminists That Never Failed to Make Us Proud

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At a time when America almost elected a female President and women are still fighting for equal pay, as well as the rights to control their own bodies, it's safe to say that the feminist movement is alive and booming. And not just in politics. Women are also making their mark on the small screen as more and more leading ladies dominate primetime, late-night and premium cable.

But, this year isn't the first time we've seen so much girl power illuminated. In fact, some of our favorite shows growing up featured smart and sassy characters who were unapologetic feminists all about smashing the patriarchy. Here are 21 fictional feminists who didn't bat an eyelash when it came to making sure their voice was heard.

1. Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons


Since 1989, Lisa's proud feminist views have graced our screens. A breath of fresh air next to her equally absent-minded father and brother, she never failed to call out society's superficial representations of what a woman “should” be or do. Additionally, she was proud of her homemaker mom, created her own feminist doll and became President of the United States. Hey, so what if it was only for one episode? Still a major move.