Video: Ferris Bueller Is All Grown Up

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The commercials that run during the Super Bowl have become as much a spectacle as the game, and they often get more talked about then the half time show. They’re re-run and discussed on morning talk shows, circulated on Youtube and Facebook for weeks after they air, and now they’re getting pre-game hype and teaser trailers, which is how we know some very misguided company is going to give the world a middle aged Ferris Bueller.

There are some characters from movies, TV shows, and books that are interesting to glimpse in later years. Watching the Rugrats as pre-teens was fun, and seeing the Harry Potter kids have kids seemed like a fitting end to the series. Then there are characters that need to be frozen in time, forever a certain age. This is slightly difficult when the actor ages, but not impossible. Macaulay Culkin might be a tall thirty-something who’s into playing drug addicts, but Kevin McCallister will always be a precocious little kid fighting bad guys with Christmas spirit and blow torches. And while Matthew Broderick has become a sad eyed forty-something, Ferris had up until now remained a bad-ass eighteen-year-old.

Ferris Bueller is the epitome of the cool teenager. Sure, you might discuss what kind of awesome job a forty-year-old Ferris might have as the credits role, but in truth he’d probably end up one of the ring-leaders of the last big ponzi scheme, running through houses and jumping on trampolines to get back into bed before Sloane gets home with the kids, not wanting her to know he was hanging out at the high school pretending to be a very distinguished looking junior. I don’t want to see that.

While the backer of this Bueller circa 2012 ad isn’t revealed in the clip, there’s speculation Honda created the commercial, so they’re the ones that can do something about it. So hipsters, break out your Save Ferris T-shirts and gather around some Accords. They can age Duckie, Jake Ryan, or even The Geek, but they need to leave Ferris alone.