Fergie Licked Frosting Off Shirtless Josh Duhamel For Her Birthday — On A Cake, You Perv

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Josh Duhamel Fergie TrevorLIVE Los Angeles Benefit December 2013

Yesterday was Fergie's 39th birthday, and her present was exactly what you asked for on your birthday — a cake with shirtless Josh Duhamel on it. The difference here is that Fergie gets to look at the real thing all the time. But is the real thing made of frosting and covered in sparklers? Quite possibly. I don't know what they do behind closed doors. But based on the fact that Josh Duhamel is still alive and well and in one piece, I'm guessing cannibalism isn't in their sexytime repertoire, so this is a special occasion.

Fergie was generous and shared a photo of the cake on Instagram. It features a photo from the movie Win a Date With Tad Hamilton (Which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary — welcome to feeling old!), tasty-looking roses and flashy sparklers. I'm a little confused looking at this photo because my eyes appreciate the shirtlessness but my stomach just wants to introduce that frosting to my mouth. So Fergie has two things I can't have right now — a hot shirtless husband and cake. Curse you, Fergie and your lovely lady lumps!

It was also Fergie's first birthday as a mommy, and lucky for her she has just about the cutest wittle baby in Hollywood (don't tell Maxwell Drewwe've been telling her she holds the top spot). Josh shared the below photo of 7-month-old Axl posing with a happy birthday message on Instagram.

Look, I'm not asking anyone to put a screaming, pooping baby in my arms right now, but Fergie's life is going to have to stop being so damn G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. She gets a yummy cake, a yummy husband, and a yummy baby? Next thing you know we'll be hearing she also got that pony I wanted when I was five and the last slice of pizza I missed out on at that college party that one time. She didn't get those things, too, did she? Phew! I was worried she had it out for me. But you let me know if you hear anything about that pizza. I've been looking for the culprit for years.

(Lead Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)