Fergie Is Pregnant With Husband Josh Duhamel’s Baby, Will Soon Have A New Lady Lump

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Fergie Josh DuhamelBlack Eyed Peas singer Fergie will soon have a new lady lump to be proud of — or, as she's calling it, #mylovelybabybump. She and her husband Josh Duhamel (you may have heard of him; he's not much to look at) are expecting their first baby.

Fergie announced her pregnancy on Twitter, posting a picture that might lead to some confusion. I'll let you take a gander at it and then we'll talk: Fergie Twitter

So, first of all, upon first seeing this photoshopped picture of Josh and Fergie as babies, I somehow forgot that they were a married couple who didn't share a crib together as little ones, and I immediately assumed they managed to have a real picture of the two of them together as toddlers. That's how real it looked to me. I'll just quietly remove myself from 21st century society in shame now…

Second, it's very easy to misinterpret this photo and the caption as Fergie trying to tell us that she and Josh have adopted a cat. Or that she's pregnant with a cat… I guess she figured since she was putting the photo on the Internet, it required a cat.

Lastly, when did Josh lose that silky blonde boy band hair?! I mean, his hair looks fine nowadays, but I'm very curious about what he might look like with that mane as an adult.

So there would be no confusion about which Josh Fergie was talking about, Josh Duhamel posted the same photo and message on his own Twitter account. Phew. Ever since Kim Kardashian's whole “I'm pregnant with this guy's baby but I'm still married to this guy but I'm trying to get a divorce from him after a separation lasting longer than our relationship” drama, I'm always a little nervous when celebrity women announce that they're expecting. Thanks for keeping things clear, Fergie and Josh.

Congratulations, you crazy kids! Is Will.i.am going to be the godfather? Is he going to teach the baby to dance? Ahh, it's all too much, I have to calm down.

(Photo: Cousart/JFXimages/Wenn.com)