Fergie And Josh Duhamel Release Photo Of Baby Axl Jack, Who Is Already Over You

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Axl Jack Duhamel day one baby photo Facebook picture September 2013If you're a celebrity with a big piece of news like a pregnancy or an engagement ring or a new baby, it can be really hard to keep stuff like that private. The paparazzi are super invasive anyway, but around stuff like that, they can become fiends.

Which is why I'm so obsessed with this new trend of celebrities releasing their own photos and statements instead of going through a publicist or a professional shoot. They can have control over the material that's out there, and the sooner they do it, the less frenzied photographers will get trying to be the one to snap the first picture.

And in case it wasn't clear, that's what Fergie and Josh Duhamel have done. Fergie gave birth to their son, the awesomely-named Axl Jack, on August 29th of this year, and less than a month later, they've already released the first pictures of their adorable tiny human. The photo above was posted by Josh on Facebook with the caption:

“Axl Jack Duhamel Day 1
Life is good 🙂

Axl Jack Duhamel day two baby photo hearing test Facebook picture September 2013And Fergie put up a second on her Instagram and Facebook, with the caption:

“Axl Jack Duhamel. Day 2 of life. Hearing test complete. All systems go. #chillin”.

You guys. LOOK at that baby. I absolutely cannot handle him. First of all, he's completely adorable in every way, but second of all, that first photo proves that he's already a diva, and don't even try to tell me otherwise. He's got a face on that's like, “I hear what you're saying, and it's only my first day on this planet, so I'll hold my tongue until tomorrow, maybe, but just know that I do not agree with you, and also overalls are so totally not back in, so get those away from my tiny baby face.”

And then in the second one, he's like, “Yo, I get that you have to check my hearing and all, and I am down with that, because your white coat tells me that you are very important…but the sooner you tall people can accept that I'm the perfect baby, the happier we'll all be? Got it? Now put a boob in my mouth.”

Schooling the paparazzi and proving your child is inhumanly adorable in one fell swoop? Advantage Duhamels.

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