OMG You Guys, Look At Fergie And Josh Duhamel’s Christmas Card

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OMG You Guys  Look At Fergie And Josh Duhamel s Christmas Card Fergie and Josh Duhamel adorable Christmas card Instagram pngBah! Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel‘s Christmas card! I love it! Fergie tweeted it out to her fans on Christmas along with the message:

#SeasonsGreetings & #HappyHolidays! Love, the Duhamels! @JoshDuhamel #MerryChristmas #Christmas

That’s a lot of hashtags for one salutation, but I hardly even mind because the card is so cute. Apparently it was made by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, which only makes me love it more. For the picture, Ellen Photoshopped the couple’s heads onto new bodies. Josh is of course shirtless, because he always should be, and Fergie is wearing a tasteful ugly holiday sweater, because there is no better outfit at Christmas. It is scientifically proven.

You guys honestly I can’t handle how cute this card is. I think I love it so much because it’s exactly the kind of holiday card I would send…if I could ever get my act together enough to actually send out holiday cards. It would be me and some fake husband and kids all in matching sweaters, smiling awkwardly. That would be my dream. But the fact that Josh and Fergie are famous and decided to keep the jokey holiday card that my girl Ellen made for them? Well that just warms my Grinch-y little heart. It makes me think that this would be a fun couple for me to hang out with. We could all sit around the fireplace and I could make Black Eyed Peas-themed puns. I can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure I’d be really funny in the moment. Oh how we’d laugh.

Sigh. It’s a beautiful image. My only critique — and it’s a small one, I promise — is maybe we use his real abs next year. I’m just saying…it’s CHRISTMAS.

(Image: Instagram)