Fergie And Josh Duhamel Chose A Cool Baby Name, So Pressure’s On, Kiddo

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Josh Duhamel and Fergie attending Scenic Route premiere August 2013Just when you thought it was a slow celebrity news day, guys, Fergie and Josh Duhamel did us a solid and went ahead and had that baby! Welcome to the world, tiny infant with glorious name! They arrived at a Los Angeles hospital this morning for a prescheduled C-section, and at some point during that process, a wee baby emerged! It was a little baby boy, which we already knew, and he weighed seven pounds, ten ounces, which we didn't know…but I think one thing we all do know is why you clicked on this link — to find out his name. And I'll be honest, guys, I actually really like it:

I don't know if I've gotten kind of numb to weird celebrity baby names, or if this one is legitimately very acceptable, but I kinda love it! It's edgy enough to be a celebrity's kid's name, but normal enough that it can be ascribed to an actual human. Which is helpful.

The only thing is, it does put a ton of pressure on this kid to be cool by middle school, at the very latest. Especially without the 'e', Axl is such a cool guy name, y'know? You have to have a ton of little kid swagger to pull it off. I guess I shouldn't be worried about it, though, considering he's been born to one of the most underrated couples on the mother effing PLANET. (According to Crushable, at least.)

I also have to give these two (three, now!) even more props for not pulling a Megan Fox and hiding their baby's birth behind Reese Witherspoon's. Privacy is so overrated these days. These two are out there loud and proud giving us bloggers something to do in the middle of one of the deadest celebrity news weeks I've ever seen in the wild. Keep it up, friends. You're doing god's work.

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