Complex Female TV Villains We Love To Hate

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While every TV show has characters that everyone loves, there's something particularly entertaining about a character you love… to hate. Most of the time, multi-dimensional villains in movies and TV shows are men. While some lady-villains fall into the typical femme fatale or evil seductress role when they're given the wicked treatment, but every once in a while, a female TV villain is given a bit more to her character and we love it.

In fact, usually, these nefarious females are even more cunning and clever than your usual male meathead bully. While you find yourself getting irrationally annoyed at these characters, nothing makes for good television like a common enemy. Maybe they're the typical high school mean girl who reminds us a little too much of someone from our past, or maybe they're a sociopathic criminal who makes us feel that special combination of both pissed off and terrified. Either way, no show would be complete without a grade-A TV villain to spice things up. So, here arethe most iconic lady TV villains we can't help ourselves from loving to hate: