17 Female TV Characters Who Have the Worst Taste in Guys

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At this point, it's kind of going out of style to fall for the bad boy. Trying to get with the person who is the exact wrong match for you is like, so 2010. We're all about the nice guy (and not the “Nice Guy” who's actually a manipulative POS deep-down) these days. You know, the one who wants to take things at your own pace and likes to hang out with your friends because he thinks they're funny. The one who stands up for women's rights when his buddies inadvertently say misogynistic things and won't play hard to get because he knows it'll get him nowhere. That's the guy we're looking for — not the one who flirts with your frenemy to make you jealous and leaves out of the blue to “find himself” with no thought of your feelings.

So we've figured out that the bad boys (and the bad boys in-disguise as nice guys) are no good, but you want to know who sadly never got the memo? Some of our favorite TV characters. In fact, some of these women have such awful taste in men it would actually be funny — if it weren't so damn depressing (and mildly relatable). These 17 leading ladies on television, love 'em or hate 'em, have the worst-of-the-worst taste when it comes to their love interests and it's about time they were called out for it so that we can avoid the same mistake.

1. Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother


Notable Love Interests: Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, Simon Tremblay, Don Frank, Kevin Venkataraghavan, Nick Podarutti

I mean — come on! We've already gone into depth about why Ted absolutely sucks (cliff notes version: he's whiny and self-indulgent) and Barney's an ass who admittedly manipulates women into having sex with him. Her other love interests include Simon (AKA James Van Der Beek), who is a tool going nowhere in life and Don, her unprofessional co-worker who takes the job she was initially offered in Chicago without even talking to her about it first. They're all the worst and Robin could've done better.