15 Kinds of Female Protagonists We Need to See More of On Screen

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Hey y'all — we now live in the year 2017! You'd think that, at this point, our TV screens would be filled with diverse and well-represented female characters. But the sad truth is, most female protagonists are white, thin, and conventionally attractive. Rarely do we ever get to see the average-looking, career-driven woman who isn't pining after a gorgeous man to make her happy. Rarely do we ever see a body-positive character who's not defined by her size. And sadly, we barely (if ever) get to see female heroes who identify as queer.

Of course, there are rare occasions where we get to see glimpses of these attributes in major characters, and that's great. Protagonists like Issa from Insecure and Hannah from Girls are proof that we're making some progress. But what's frustrating is the fact that we're moving at a snail's pace when it comes to women's representation and we still have a very long way to go. I mean, wouldn't you love to see more fictional ladies who are actually happy to be single? Or women who aren't “beautiful” according to society's standards? I sure would!

Click through the gallery to see which kinds of female protagonists we need to see more of in our media.

1. Ones of all different shapes and sizes.

Imagine Television

Well, newsflash, not all women are tall, lean, and perfectly toned. Some of us are short, some of us have wide hips, and some of us have small boobs. There are so many different types of body shapes and they can all be beautiful, but Hollywood doesn't seem to communicate that very often. Thankfully, we've got characters like Becky from Empire. Because while she's not a size two, she still comes off as confident and sexy.