17 Overrated Female Movie Love Interests That Are Actually The Worst

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We see them in popular films all the time. They’re quirky, down-to-earth, relatable, and oh-so-innocent (well, sometimes they are). But even though we admire these female protagonists for their amazing personalities, the truth is, a lot of them suck at romantic relationships.

We know that it sounds harsh but, if you looked more closely at how they treated their love interests, you'd notice that they were either selfish and inconsiderate or simply apathetic (and some of those fictional boyfriends aren't so great either). It's tough to notice these things because the characters are often put on a pedestal. Or rather, they're seen through the eyes of their partner, who will only see the good things about them and disregard their flaws. But as for us, we can totally see that these ladies are far from perfect (as are we).

See which popular female movie love interests are actually overrated: