We Cast Lady Ghostbusters, Despite Having No Idea What It’s About

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We Cast Lady Ghostbusters  Despite Having No Idea What It s About Ghostbusters GIF gif(via)

Confession time, you guys — I’ve never actually seen GhostbustersOr if I have, it was so long ago and in such fragmented pieces that I can’t remember the gist of it other than the whole killing (catching??) ghosts thing, the theme song, and that big marshmallow monster at the end. Nailed it.

So when I heard that Paul Feig and Katie Dippold — the director of Bridesmaids and the writer of The Heat, respectively — were rebooting it with female leads, I was bummed out that I’d have nothing to contribute. I love when strong, hilarious ladies are given the opportunities they deserve in the entertainment world, and I love speculating on which ladies specifically would be given those opportunities even more, but it seemed like I’d have to sit this one out, since I remember nothing about the original characters.

OR WOULD I??? We here at Crushable have never let our own lack of facts get in the way of our ‘reporting’, so why should this time be any different? Why should I tell you the three women (because there are three, right?) I’d most like to see helming this movie, and damn the h8ers to hell? After all, everyone else just has Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Emma Stone on their lists, so as wonderful as all those women are, what’s the harm in widening the field a little bit?

Answer? None. So here we go — my choices for the three leads of the newly-announced…Ladybusters. (Copyrighting that, no one steal it.)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

We Cast Lady Ghostbusters  Despite Having No Idea What It s About Veep GIF Julia Louis Dreyfus you need to calm the fuck down Judge Judy gif(via)

Easily the funniest woman on television, and has been for years, so I’d love for her to do approximately ten thousand percent more movies, starting with this one. (Also more women over forty in movies, hurray!) I don’t even need to box her into a specific category, because she could play all of them, but probably the straight-talking, unofficial head of the group who actually knows what she’s doing. Is that a thing?

Aidy Bryant

We Cast Lady Ghostbusters  Despite Having No Idea What It s About Aidy Bryant typing crazy face SNL GIF gif(via)

YES. I’m obsessed with Aidy, and the idea of an overeager, young mom-ish character post-divorce, starting a new career in ghost-busting that involves a lot of lines like “OH my GODDDD.” I hope you heard that line delivered in her voice just now, just as the good lord I intended.

Aubrey Plaza

We Cast Lady Ghostbusters  Despite Having No Idea What It s About Aubrey Plaza deadpan stare in Parks and Rec GIF gif(via)

The deadpan one who kills the most ghosts. Easy peasy.

ARE YOU NOT AMAZED? No but seriously, did I do it right? Would you watch this movie? Wanna be my friend? Okay if I bring pizza?