20 TV BFFs Who Showed the World the Best Kind of Female Friendships

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1. Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls

The CW

Sure, when you think “TV BFFs” your mind probably goes to Rory and Lorelai. However, we think the fact that they’re mother and daughter kind of excludes them from this narrative. That’s why we selected Lane Kim and Rory Gilmore’s pure and wholesome friendship for this list. While they occasionally butt heads like all BFFs, Lane and Rory are the perfect complements to each other. Rory is calm, grounded and somewhat of a goody-goody — whereas Lane is hyperactive, a little scattered and knows that she has to break the rules to succeed from time to time. But, the best part of their friendship is the fact that they are always willing to drop everything to help out their BFF — even if it means Rory putting herself in the line of fire from the wrath of Mrs. Kim.