20 TV BFFs Who Showed the World the Best Kind of Female Friendships

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Comedy Central

Whether it's a nostalgic show from your past or a show you watch now — certain iconic TV BFFs will stick with you forever. Television friendships are a great way for us to see ourselves in our favorite TV characters. They're imperfect, they bicker — but at the end of the day, they love each other unconditionally. Growing up, seeing friends like Lilly and Miley, or Monica and Rachel taught us a lot about the important relationships in our own lives.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of just how important our female friends are, and sometimes seeing a healthy friendship between two women (even if they're on TV) can be just that. So, whether you're the Ann to your friend's Leslie, or the Snooki to your friend's JWoww — we're paying tribute to the 20 TV BFFs who defined #FriendshipGoals.