The Stars Of Felicity Reunited And It’s Making My Whole Week

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The Stars of Felicity Reunited and It s Making My Whole Week ew felicity 612x380 jpg

Felicity was my JAM growing up, and I re-watched the series a few years back and found, even as a real adult (which is sometimes still debatable), that it’s still SO good. It holds up so well. Sure, times have changed so some of it is a liiiittle outdated (these days, she wouldn’t be mailing voice recordings from a tape recorder to her friend but sending Snapchats, obvs), but we can all relate to the fear and uncertainty of going off to college in a strange place and being young and trying to figure shit out. It made me laugh, it made me weep, and it made me FEEL.

Each year, Entertainment Weekly does a reunion issue where they get the casts of our favorite movies and TV shows back together, and every year it’s golden. I still have my 2012 issue with the cast of Clueless and it’s perfection. This year, they got the stars of Felicity back together and OMFG I’m freaking out.

First of all, Scott Speedman, Keri Russell, and Scott Foley are so gorgeous — I mean, they always were, but wow. And they’re also phenomenal actors. Keri *kills it* on The Americans, and my husband has a major man crush on Scott Foley from Scandal (though I particularly love him from Scream 3) and Scott Speedman was amazing in The Strangers

It’s the first time the members of the best love triangle EVER have been in the same room since 2002 (guys, wtf, can’t you have a dinner party or something and invite me?!) and they discussed their auditions, how they knew the show was a success, their favorite episodes, and more. 

EW also has a special with fun facts (there’s still a noelcrane.com!) and a “Where Are They Now?” that discusses the career paths of the rest of the cast (Meghan Rotundi is my spirit animal). Pick up the magazine, out tomorrow, or read the article online for a huge dose of nostalgia.

(Photo: Chris Craymer/Entertainment Weekly)