The 16 Most Feel-Good Celebrity Stories Of 2013

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Jennifer Lawrence comforts girl on red carpet


Celebrities did a lot of wild and questionable things this year, from twerking to peeing in mop buckets. But a lot of them also did some pretty inspiring things, from surprising fans to sharing heartwarming stories. Since Christmas season is upon us and we’re close to ringing in the new year, it’s a great time to look back at some of the most feel-good celebrity stories from 2013.

Get ready for your heart to feel all warm and toasty, and maybe have a tissue or two handy in case you get something in your eye. Here are the most feel-good celeb stories of the year, in no particular order, because ranking feel-good stories is pretty much impossible. It’s like ranking puppies by cuteness. You haven’t been doing that, have you? Awkward.

1. Colin Farrell talks about his son

Colin Farrell AFI Fest 2013 Presented By Audi November 8 2013 Hollywood California(Photo: FayesVision/WENN)

Colin Farrell’s son James suffers from Angelman syndrome, which causes developmental disability and seizures. But Colin wants to make it clear that his son is still able to live a happy life, and he’s learned to “take nothing for granted” as a dad, saying in part, “Seeing your child take his first steps is a seminal moment for any parent. But if you’ve been told there’s a chance your child will never walk, those first steps go off into a whole different realm.”

2. Zachary Quinto tells the story of adopting his dog

In addition to having magnificent eyebrows, Zachary also seems to have a magnificent heart. He starred in this short film based loosely on his own experience adopting his rescue dog. It sends a great message about how many dogs need good homes, and it’ll make you love Zachary even more than you already do.

3. Zach Galifianakis saves a woman from homlessness

Zach Galifianakis Premiere of The Hangover III May 28 2013 Brazil(Photo: WENN)

Zach is known for making us laugh, but he also made us cry earlier this year when it was revealed that he saved Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist, whom he met in 1994, from homelessness. He set her up in an apartment and pays her rent. He also took her as his date to movie premieres.

4. Taylor Swift gives a generous restaurant tip

Taylor Swift Winter Whites Gala November 26 2013 London England UK(Photo: WENN)

Not all celebrities are particularly nice to restaurant workers, so it was great to read the news that Taylor Swift left a $500 tip on an $800 check. And on top of that, she and her guests were reportedly extremely nice and considerate.

5. Josh Hutcherson makes a cancer patient's dream come true

Josh Hutcherson Catching Fire Photocall November 14 2013 Rome Italy(Photo: Lavinia Fontana/Future Image/WENN)

A few weeks ago on Good Morning America, Josh Hutcherson surprised 14-year-old Caitin Stewart, a cancer patient in remission. You can watch the heartwarming video here.

6. Bradley Cooper visits a Boston Marathon survivor

Bradley cooper visits Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman with Julian Edelman April 2013(Photo: Twitter)

One of the biggest news stories of 2013 was the Boston Marathon tragedy. In a time when Americans had lost faith in people's capacity for kindness, some celebrities stepped up to the plate to share inspiring words and make a difference. That included Bradley Cooper, who visited survivor Jeff Bauman Jr. in the hospital.

7. Beyonce sings with a blind girl

Beyonce has made us think she might be God multiple times this year, including when she sang a duet in concert with Sophie Kotkis, a teenage girl who is blind and hearing impaired with muscle difficulties.

8. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard get married

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard attending the Do Something Awards August 2011(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)

In addition to being an awesome story involving one of our favorite celebrity couples, Dax and Kristen's wedding was special because they had been waiting until gay couples had the same right. After the Surpreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, Kristen proposed to Dax on Twitter, and they got married in the courthouse. Lovely.

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