18 of Your Favorite Songs That Are (Allegedly) Rip-Offs of Other Artists

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A bad music video can kill a good song. Same goes with when something is played to death on the radio. Another thing that can ruin a good song is when the artist is accused of ripping off someone else's work. No one likes a copycat.

There have been some high profile legal battles about whether a hit song was a bonafide original or whether it knocked off something that came before. Sometimes, the cases go to court with the judges deciding the answers. Other times, the cases are quieter and we don't hear about the legal drama surrounding our favorite songs. Have a look at 18 popular songs that are allegedly rip-offs from other artists.

No matter what ended up happening with the cases, we'll leave it up to you to decide how you feel about each case and whether it involves copying, drawing inspiration, coincidences or it's all just drama for the sake of drama.