Your Favorite Emo Dudes from the ’00s: Then and Now

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The ‘00s gave us so much to be thankful for aaaaaand to look back on and think ~huh, that was interesting~. Tom Green was popular for some reason, we absolutely loved watching the drama of teens in Orange County on The O.C. and we lived for emo music.

Lyrics from the likes of Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday lined our Converse, Brand New shirts were all we wore and we felt like no one understood our angst-ridden existence more than The Used. On top of all of that, we were in love with the dudes in those bands like no other. Boy bands were over and done. We'd moved on to these guys who weren't afraid to rock the guyliner. What's become of them though? Well, we're gonna let you look and see.

1. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance: Then


When My Chemical Romance proclaimed they were not okay, teens and tweens from all over the world screamed it right back at them. Emo to the core with his black attire and raw lyrics, Gerard Way was one of the kings of the '00s emo scene. We were undeniably obsessed.