The 7 Most Awkward Things To Watch With Your Dad On Father’s Day

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Girls poster 2012

This Father's Day, you might decide to stay in with your dad and enjoy some bonding time watching TV or movies. That sounds fun, but proceed with caution. Choosing what to watch with your dad, on Father's Day or any other day, is a delicate matter. You know how they have those parental guides to movies that outline all the cursing and sex and violence involved so moms and dads can make informed decisions for what their kids watch? Well those work the other way, too, once the child is grown up and needs to decide whether it's safe to watch that movie with his or her parent or whether they'll have to endure five straight minutes of graphic sex and awkwardly laugh through it to keep from crawling under the couch cushions and dying. Basically, anything with sex more graphic than that in a Kate Hudson romantic comedy is a no-go, but we're here to outline some specific shows and movies you should avoid at all costs. And it's not always just a matter of sexual content.

1. Girls

Girls Lena Dunham Patrick Wilson 2013


This is a big NO. I have a hard enough time watching this show by myself, let alone with my parent. Sometimes just reading about it makes me want to hide in my shirt like a turtle and never emerge. Do you really want to spend Father's Day bonding over Lena Dunham's boobs and shots of various sexual positions? Yeah, I didn't think so. Stay far away from this one.

2. The Miss USA Pageant

Miss USA 2013


This pageant coincidentally airs tonight at 9 PM on NBC, and I refuse to believe that was just a coincidence. It's Donald Trump's personal Father's Day gift to all the straight men of America. There are few things more uncomfortable than sitting next to your father while you watch girls strutting around in bikinis. It's especially awkward if you're the same age as the contestants onscreen. Even if he's not ogling them, he might go into some speech about how fast young women grow up these days and blah blah blah. Still in the mood for a pageant theme? Might I suggest Miss Congeniality?

3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage 2013


“This seems like the perfect show for us to watch together, Dad! There's plenty of action and adventure and drama, and there will be lots for us to talk about while we watch. Gee golly, this is a fun show to watch with you OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THOSE PROSTITUTES DOING TO EACH OTHER BACK THERE?!

4. Brian's Song

Brian's Song


This is the movie that makes grown men everywhere turn into blubbering messes. There's football and male friendship and illness and meaningful speeches. Your dad will probably cry, and you'll both probably feel weird about it.

5. Sex and the City

Sex and the City


Not only do a large percentage of dads not care about the difference between Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, but they would also probably rather not watch characters having sex and talking about sex and “I couldn't help but wonder”-ing about sex. Even if you watch the censored version on basic cable, there's still Sex in the title, and that alone is enough to make it awkward.

6. Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress


The conversation you have during this show could go a number of ways, but they're all awkward. If you're the type of romantic girl who watches this show to enjoy a little wedding dress porn while you wait to have your own fairy tale wedding, your dad will probably be holding onto his wallet for dear life while watching. If you're merely of marrying age, he might go all Brian's Song on you and get sappy over how much you've grown up. If you're just watching because nothing else is on and you don't have anything to talk about, your relationship is probably just awkward in general.

7. A concert from a musician he liked when he was younger

Mick Jagger in concert 2005

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Let's face it. He's gonna sing along. He's gonna do over-the-top air drums. He's gonna stand up and try out his moves like Jagger. He's gonna try to get you to join in. He's gonna talk about how much better music was back then. He might tell you some stories about his teenage years that you didn't want to hear. It'll be embarrassing.

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