Lifetime Gives Me One More Reason Not To Get Married With Fatal Honeymoon

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I thought the title of Lifetime's newest original movie Fatal Honeymoon, starring Amber Clayton and Billy Miller as Tina Watson and Gabe Watson, sounded familiar. It turns out, when deciding what to call their latest gem, Lifetime took a page from the Joey Tribbiani book of creativity and just used the thesaurus feature on their computer. A Lifetime movie called Deadly Honeymoon premiered in 2010. I'm surprised they didn't title the new one Fatal Post-Nuptial Vacay.

Fatal Honeymoon was just as original as its title. To start off with, it's based on a true story. Seth Meyers put it best when he tweeted that such a claim basically translates to “has people in it.”

The amount of research which appears to have gone into this ripped-from-the-headlines script amounts to someone literally ripping a headline out of a newspaper and staring at it until they know exactly which sections of previous Lifetime movies to copy and paste into a new document.

Fatal Honeymoon is based on a real-life murder case in which Gabe Watson was accused of killing his new wife Tina Watson during a scuba diving trip in Australia.

I'm not an expert on this case, but I am a pretty experienced viewer of Lifetime movies, so I can only comment on it as a work of art (obviously).

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