Fart Fetishists Want Nancy Grace’s Fart Footage From Dancing With The Stars

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Poor Nancy Grace just can't catch a break! Just a few weeks in, her Dancing with the Stars career has already been marred by her nip slip, and now her farting during Monday's show. Nancy denies both, of course, but now a fart fetishist group is keeping the latter alive—because they're trying to buy the three-second footage from ABC.

Clips4Sale, a fetish site, wrote the network asking for the licensing rights of the footage in order to share with their “flatulophiliac” members. The creepiest part is when they reference the intersection between these “fart fanatics” and Nancy Grace fans:

We know just how many of Nancy's fan's would love to relive the moment in the privacy of their own homes.

In the meantime, they at least have the YouTube video:

It definitely sounds like it was Nancy, especially since she had just come off the floor. She's got the classic I-just-farted look; slightly worried but trying to change the subject, whereas you see the other contestants smirking behind her.

Clips4Sale's Marketing Director Jo Merlone uses plenty of double entendres — “[we] have a real nose for news,” “our members are waiting with baited [sic] breath” — so at least they have a healthy sense of humor.