Farrah Abraham Won’t Make The Same Choices As Kim K, Except The Ones She Already Has

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Farrah Abraham June 2013

While we all wait on the edge of our seats to learn what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have knamed their knewborn kdaughter, let's talk about these quotes from teen-mom-turned-whoops-my-sex-tape-got-out-er Farrah Abraham that are making their way around the interwebs, shall we? Namely, the ones where she declares 'tis a far far better thing to be Farrah Abraham than to be Kim Kardashian. Ah, I see Christmas has come early.

In a recent interview with Metropolis Nights magazine, Farrah explains that she doesn't approve of being compared to Kim Kardashian.

I definitely feel it’s an unfair comparison. I have been very successful with other things in my life besides just being a reality TV star. I have books and other things going on in my life that outshine Kim Kardashian. I feel I just outshine her when it comes to both our personal and professional lives. That’s why I don’t like being compared to her. We’re two really different people. I don’t for see myself getting married more than once. I don’t see myself making the same choices that she has made. Good or bad, I just feel I’m going to be a smarter person. I don’t want to be negative, we’re just different people. I wish her the best, but I’m going to focus on my life.

Yes, one has really accomplished something when one surpasses the pinnacle of intelligence and good decision-making that is Kim Kardashian. You've made it, Farrah Abraham! I personally see myself getting married at least three times, and I'm sure most people do too, so bravo to Farrah for choosing to go for one and only one marriage. It's also very impressive that she won't be making the same choices Kim Kardashian has made. That is, unless you count all the ones she's already made. Just silliness like a reality show and a having child out of wedlock and a popular sex tape (released by the same company) and people making jokes about her rear end. (That wasn't really her choice, per se, but she did certain things to encourage it.) Farrah got all those things out of the way early in life so she wouldn't have to do them at Kim Kardashian's ripe old age. Excellent planning. She's just a regular ol' celebrity prodigy, that's what she is.

How do you spell “please stop talking and go away” again? Oh, right. F-A-R-R-A-H.

(via New York Daily News)

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