Not Content With Her Boob Job, Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Gets A New Face

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Farrah Abraham plastic surgery photos before and after new face wtf chin implant new noseI really don't understand why Farrah Abraham keeps screwing with her body. Not to be catty to the other Teen Mom stars, but she's the most conventionally beautiful one of the bunch. (She also never succumbed to the temptation of weird hand piercings like someone we know, but that's neither here nor there.) Yet in the weeks since filming the final Teen Mom goodbye special, Farrah has undergone some minor but still very noticeable plastic surgery.

And — spoiler — it's left her looking worse than before. Not ugly, not some unfortunate, stitched-together creature like Heidi Montag, but not the Farrah we recognize from the past three years. The twitpic at left is from a few months ago and shows off Farrah's cute nose and pointed chin. But her cover photo for In Touch Weekly has her looking strangely bloated thanks to the rhinoplasty and chin implant she paid a cool $21,000 for.

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery photos before and after new face wtf chin implant new nose

At In Touch‘s site you can see another set of photos comparing Farrah's face before and after. She told the magazine, “I've hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous!” And while she complained about the cost, she emphasized that “it was worth it.” Guess that lends credence to that Teen Mom camera man's claims that the girls make plenty of dough from MTV!

No word yet from the other Teen Mom girls, but something tells me that Maci Bookout would be supportive, Catelynn Lowell would offer no comment, and Amber Portwood isn't allowed to text from jail.

Photos: @f1abraham, In Touch