Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Better Not Quit Her Day Job, Because Her New Single Is The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard

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Farrah Abraham "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" new single awful worst ever Rebecca Black Friday Teen Mom wtfI want to be excited for Farrah Abraham, who seems to be channeling her Teen Mom fame into other possible career paths, like selling her family recipe red sauce and a music career. (And breast implants, but nobody's perfect.) But she keeps falling short, like with the release of her single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom.” It's an Auto-Tuned mess that completely de-legitimizes her struggle with depression and suicide, plus it's just the worst song I've had assault my ears. Like, worse than Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.” Which I just listened to for the first time in months (shameful, I know) in order to confidently make that assertion.

This “song” is a collection of the worst sounds you could throw together—screeching brakes and shattered glass come to mind, coupled with record scratches and nails scraping over a chalkboard. And that's before Farrah's voice enters the mix. I'm not saying her natural singing voice is bad, but they've Auto-Tuned it beyond recognition; she literally sounds like she's slurring her lyrics. She tells In Touch that the song is all about her grappling with suicidal thoughts after Sophia‘s father Derek died: “After almost wanting to kill myself, I found meaning and happiness within.” But you'd never know it, since a) you can't understand a word she's saying, and b) the beat is way too peppy to be about depression.

You have to listen to it at In Touch‘s site, but I warn you against clicking the “play” button. You really will be hard-pressed to find any other song that's hit rock bottom — see what I did there? — harder than this.

Photo: @f1abraham