Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Know What A Feminist Is, Assumes It’s Like A Hot Lesbian

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Farrah Abraham at a Las Vegas appearance August 2013Once upon a time, we as Americans let Farrah Abraham get famous. She did so by having a child at an age at which she could easily be considered still a child herself, and being rewarded for said behavior with a starring role on two national television shows, one called 16 & Pregnantand the other called Teen Mom. Having achieved several seasons of said fame, she then bolstered it by filming A PORN with A PORN STAR, James Deen, selling it for $1.5 million, and then pretending it was a leaked sex tape which she and her PORN STAR boyfriend just happened to film and then leave unattended in a crowded internet cafe. Or something. (Did I mention all the PORN STUFF? I did? Okay. Just wanted you to know that it was definitely A PORN.)

So with her behavior to date, she's definitely proven that she thinks we're idiots, because we'd have to be, to believe the things she's told us, but she's never been quite this open before about her own humble idiocy. For some reason she's doing press right now, hopefully to promote her previous projects and not because she's about to come out with something new, and the subject of feminism came up. A reporter for the Miami New Times asked Farrah if she was a feminist, and I swear to effing god, this was their interaction:

Reporter: “Do you consider yourself a feminist?”

Farrah: “I’m pretty feminine. I think so.”

Reporter: “Not feminine. Feminist.”

Farrah: “What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?”



No. Come on. Seriously? Do we really, in 2013, live in a world where feminism isn't a ubiquitous concept? (Ooh, sorry Farrah. I shouldn't have used such a fancy word — ubiquitous means ‘all around and everywhere and stuff'.) When did we get to a point where you A. don't know the meaning of the word ‘feminism', B. can't ponder it out based on social clues, C. aren't ashamed to ask in such an ignorant way, and D. assume that if it's lady-related, it probably has to do with lesbians.

Luckily, this reporter happened to be kindlier than I am (which isn't hard, unfortunately), so she took it upon herself to clear up the confusion, explaining to this GROWN ASS WOMAN what feminism is:

“It’s a complicated concept, but I guess at its most basic, it means that women are equal to men.”

To which Farrah responded, “Oh, I definitely feel that women are equal to men. No doubt about that. I mean, women should have equal rights to men, everyday.”

Ugh. You guys. My brain hurts. I think because it's straining so hard to go live inside her head and help her be a human in the world.

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