Farrah Abraham Accidentally Made Another Porno, Proving She Has The Worst Luck Ever

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Farrah Abraham I'm Not A Porn Star VH1

You know that thing where you make a sex tape with a guy who happens to be a famous porn star and it somehow gets released on the Internet and mislabeled as a porno? No? Oh, then you're probably not Farrah Abraham.

Last year the former Teen Mom star went on an innocent date with James Deen. And it went so well that they ended up in bed together. Or was it that they started in bed together? It's so hard to keep track of the details sometimes! Sure professional cameramen surrounded them and sure the room was perfectly lit and sure releases got signed. But Farrah just assumed that James liked his homemade sex tapes to look and feel as professional as possible. After all, he was a professional porn star.

As we all know now, their intimate night together somehow ended up getting turned into Farrah Abraham: Back Door Teen Mom. Affectionately referred to by my memories as “why did you ever make us watch that horrifying nightmare of a film.” Farrah immediately denied that she knew she was making a porno and I immediately believed her. After all, you read what I wrote above. How was she supposed to know?

Well get this, it's happened again! According to Vivid Entertainment and Radar Online, the first film's distributors, they're releasing a new movie called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. And they're claiming that it's all new footage. Which means that Farrah accidentally made another porno! What are the odds of that happening again? Girl must've walked under a ladder one too many times. You gotta feel bad for her. Also for your brain when it starts trying to figure out what “and more” could possibly mean.

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