The First Fantastic Beasts Trailer Is Finally Here, So The Screaming You’re Hearing Is Me

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The First Fantastic Beasts Trailer Is Finally Here  So the Screaming You re Hearing Is Me eddie redmayne fantastic beasts jpg

I’m a diehard fan of all things Harry Potter. Considering I’ve been writing for Crushable for a little while now, I’m sure I probably told you all about that at one point or another. I mean, I just about lost my damn mind when JK Rowling announced that there would be a Harry Potter play in London that I wouldn’t even get to see, so you can imagine how emotionally unstable I became with every new piece of information we received about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemWell, actually, “emotionally unstable” probably isn’t the appropriate term. What am I trying to say? “Unhinged,” maybe? Yeah, let’s go with unhinged .

I’m really only telling you this because you’ve probably been hearing intermittent shrieks all morning, and I’m sure you’re wondering where they’re coming from. Well, they’re coming from my unhinged self, because the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts is finally here, and I think I’ve legitimately lost my mind. Like, I spent a twenty minutes yelling at my co-workers over the Internet and interrupting a perfectly pleasant conversation about Taylor Swift‘s hot younger brother because I physically couldn’t contain myself. And when I stop talking about attractive men to talk about something else, you know it’s important to me. Meanwhile, my co-workers were probably all:

The First Fantastic Beasts Trailer Is Finally Here  So the Screaming You re Hearing Is Me priorities gif


BUT HOW CAN I? How am I expected to relax when a trailer starts with Eddie Redmayne saying “Lumos Maxima” in near-perfect reference to the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or when we get a first look at Katherine Waterston as Porpentina Goldstein, or when we finally get to see wizards in New York? THIS IS NO TIME RELAX.

Look, I’ll be honest: I fear that, if I continue to write, I’m going to actually lose it and you’ll never want to read my writing again. So I’ll just quit while I’m ahead and let you all watch the trailer now. Oh, and I’ll try to stop screaming. No promises, though.