Video: Asian Teen In A Snuggie Recreates Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ Video Shot For Shot, Becomes America’s Sweetheart

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This might be the best fan video I've ever seen in all my days of sifting through Youtube. Click through to see a side-by-side comparison.

A young Beyonce fan who goes by kkpalmer1000 on Youtube has created an amazing tribute to her by recreating the video for “Countdown” shot for shot, rocking a snuggie all the while. Looking at the two videos, I'm struck by how well this kid imitates Bey's facial expressions, snarls and all. Also: her smoldering glances. He must have watched the original hundreds of times! The choreography is similarly spot on, especially considering he most likely shot the clip in his parents' basement. He also did a great job with the editing, copying the original video's rapid fire cuts exactly. This kid is multitalented! And he stayed comfy in his snuggie the whole time.

This video has been going around the web for a little while now, but today it got the big co-sign from Beyonce's Official Website, so traffic has shot way up. If I were this kid I'd be crapping my pants right now, but something tells me he's got plenty more in store for us. My only question remaining for Snuggie Boy is, will you be my best friend forever? Seriously, I think you are the best person.

(Via BeyonceOnline)