16 Theories We Have About Michael’s Sudden Return on Jane The Virgin

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Is anyone else's mind still reeling from that plot twist on Jane the Virgin? Michael Cordero, who we actually saw collapse and die at the end of season three, just might be alive… And the news still hasn't quite sunk in. We can only imagine what went through Jane's mind when she saw Michael standing in Rafael's apartment. And poor Raf now has to face the possibility of losing Jane all over again, right when they were about to get engaged!

To say that our emotions are all over the place feels like an understatement. We finally came to terms with the fact that Michael was gone for good. And as Jane moved on, we took that as our cue to let go of all hope that Michael would come back. So when Rafael stepped in and won Jane over again, our support for #TeamRafael grew tenfold (because honestly, how freaking cute were they this season?). But then, out of nowhere, Michael resurfaced… Or at least, so it seems. So now, we're basically freaking out and picking at every detail to try and figure out how this could've happened.

We'll admit that many of these explanations are pretty out there, but if this show has taught us anything, it's that in the world of telenovelas, almost anything can happen. It sucks that we'll have to wait for season five to find out the real story, but until then, here are a few theories that might explain Michael's return.