17 Famous Singers Who Nearly Lost Their Voice For Good

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Adele Dancing

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A lot of the time, musical superstars make their craft look incredibly easy. While they’re up there on stage belting out their hits, it totally looks like it comes naturally. However, being a singer is a far more punishing career than you might imagine. The throat and vocal cords are two incredibly sensitive areas of the body, and one wrong move can damage them – sometimes permanently.

The sheer number of famous artists who’ve suffered from vocal issues over the years is staggering. Some managed to avoid serious problems and were able to get a ‘quick fix’ to the damage they’d endured. Others saw the entire future of their career put in jeopardy. Vocal surgery is a delicate business and has the potential to go seriously wrong. Did you realize that stars like Adele, Elton John, and Sam Smith were nearly silenced for good? They’re not the only ones, either! Read on to find out which of your famous artists very nearly had to call it quits on their singing stardom due to severe vocal issues.