Famous Men that Should Get the Same Treatment as Harvey Weinstein

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Trigger warning: abuse, sexual assault

By now, you're probably all caught up with what's going on with Hollywood producer/alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. If you're not, here you go, because we're not rehashing the sordid details out here.

Soon after The New York Times released its expose and dozens of Hollywood figures stepped forward with similar sexual harassment and assault stories, Weinstein was fired from the production company he founded with his brother, Robert. Additionally, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Weinstein, making him only the second person in the Academy's history to be booted.

The sad truth is that Weinstein's alleged actions aren't rare, especially for men in positions of power. But Weinstein's firing is a rare case. Many famous men who are known for abusive behaviors towards women in particular still have successful, long-lasting careers with no consequence. Here are 16 who are still working steadily despite allegations of sexual assault and/or domestic abuse.