10 Celebrity BFFs Who Started At The Bottom And Got Famous Together

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Watching celebrities become friends with each other makes me unreasonably giddy. Even though it can sometimes be weird, it’s still mostly adorable when actors are excited to meet and befriend each other. We get to see them hanging out together, grabbing drinks, vacationing together, taking selfies together and all that casual BFF nonsense. But the true miracle of celebrity best friends is showcased in those who came from the bottom together. They were once normals like you and I, they both had a dream, and somehow, they BOTH made it. It’s crazy and wonderful and we love them for it and hate them for it. I can just imagine the conversations they have…

Celeb 1: Remember when we were regular people and no one cared about us?

Celeb 2: Goodness, that was the worst! Should we take my private jet to get a Nutella cronut in NYC or should we take yours?

Celeb 1: Oh, stop it you! It’s totally my turn.

But for reals, let’s take a look at some famous BFFs who made it to the big time together.

1. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

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Let’s start off with an oldie but a goody. Ben and Matt grew up together in Cambridge, MA and took drama classes together before splitting ways, Matt to Harvard and Ben to the West Coast. Remember Good Will Hunting,  that screenplay Ben and Matt wrote together when they were in their early 20s? Yeah. They won an Oscar for best screenplay and they have basically remained at that level of fame for the rest of their careers, and have been seen around town being besties like they always have been. They both had lows (*cough cough* GIGLI and STUCK ON YOU *cough cough*) and they both got married and had lots of babies, and now Ben is Batman. What a success story, even if no one, probably not even Matt, thinks Ben should be Batman.

2. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

These young songstresses got their start on Barney And Friends when they were 7-years-old and became fast friends, slowly climbing the rungs of fame to become Disney channel stars. There has been sooooo much speculation that they’re heading for a friendship break-up, but they keep getting back together (sorry TayTay). Demi has survived her struggle with addiction by leaning on Selena for help and hopefully Selena will eventually reach out to Demi when she wants out of the weird on/off sadlationship that she has going on with Justin Bieber. One can only hope.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire

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Leo and Tobey have enjoyed a friendship that has lasted over 25 years. The pair met in the late ’80s when they were both auditioning for the same roles. Leo eventually got Jack Dawson, Tobey got Peter Parker, and they finally did a huge movie together (even though I think they didn’t have the best chemistry in The Great Gatsby, but I digress). Leo even hangs out with Tobey’s kids while I’m sure considering the idea of settling down and having a normal non-model relationship….nah, just kidding, we don’t actually think he’s quite ready for that yet. I bet Leo doesn’t even bring up how terrible Spiderman 3 was, and for that Tobey always lends his shoulder to cry on when his best pal inevitably gets passed up for the Oscar.

4. Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff

Lea and Jon have been super close since they met 10 years ago while auditioning for a little off-Broadway musical called Spring Awakening. It went from little to HUGE and they became up-and-coming-stars in the musical theater world — which launched their careers into television. They even played love interests in Glee, which must’ve been easy for them because they’re practically attached at the hip. These two have been BFFs through thick and thin. Currently they’re both working on exciting new projects! Lea’s first solo album Louder just dropped a few months ago and she has a new book coming out. And Jon starred in HBO’s Looking, which was renewed for a second season.

5. Michelle Williams & Busy Philipps

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Joey and Pacey (or Dawson, if you prefer) weren’t the only ones in love on Dawson’s CreekThe show also brought together our next set of besties and helped put them on the map. Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps began their journey into friendship stardom as Joey’s roomies on the teen hit and have been inseparable ever since. They occasionally go to awards shows together and have had to shut down rumors of a potential lesbian relationship more than once. But I mean, is it really a tight friendship if at least one person doesn’t question your sexual orientation? Busy is in LA and Michelle is now performing in Cabaret on Broadway, but they still make time to see each other and support each other. Just look at them, they’re the cutest.

6. Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox

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Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox may just be the most well known best friends on this list, considering they played besties on a little show called Friends. After 10 seasons, these celebs were propelled into the stardom stratosphere. It’s clear that their onscreen friendship wasn’t all for show, considering how close they still are. Jen is sticking to movies while Courtney is making us laugh weekly on Cougar Town, but we’re pretty sure the small and big screen differences haven’t torn these two apart. If Jennifer ever actually gets married to Justin Theroux, my money is on Courtney to be matron of honor. But maybe not too much money, since we’re not totally convinced it’s going to happen.

7. Zach Braff and Donald Faison

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It’s guuuuyyyyy love! Some people might call this one of the greatest best friendships on and off screen, and those people would be absolutely correct. When these two aren’t actually together, they’re always messing with each other on social media. Have you seen their tweets to each other? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out. They play up the bromance to an extreme level, but they’re so playful and fun that you know they mean a lot to each other. Writing about them makes me want to go back and watch every episode of Scrubs again, which is something I’ll probably do this weekend instead of sleeping.

8. JWoww & Snooki

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Bear with me on this one, guys. I know that neither one of them is like super duper famous, but they both have their own shows, and that’s more than you have, so stop. These two went from Jersey Shore to…well, basically more of the same, except now one’s a mama and the other is expecting. They were just two kinda Jersey, kinda Italian girls (neither actually, but MTV wanted us to believe this) who landed on a horrible show that lasted too long and then became spray tanned besties for life. I’m surprised they’re still relevant, but hey, maybe their best friendship is keeping them afloat in the world where we love to see our reality stars crash and burn.

9. Naomi Watts & Nicole Kidman

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This is our first pair of Aussies to make the list! Naomi and Nicole met while they were teens growing up in Australia. What makes this pair stand out is the fact that Nicole got her big break in Hollywood before Naomi was on the scene. Naomi eventually made her way to the states and got on the radar with Mulholland Drive so they could be be famous Aussie besties once more. The pair are now both happily married to other famous people with a slew of children between them and more movies on the way. They’re just two down-under girls living the Aussie-American dream, though now with much better hair.

10. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

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I had to save the best for last. This relationship is as perfect as you can get. Tina and Amy become friends back in 1993 when they met in an improv class and continued to work together in various improv troupes. They eventually reunited on Saturday Night Live and gave us all some of the best SNL years ever. Only true best friends can host the Golden Globes twice and still have people begging them to host every award show in the world. Like, seriously. I would watch the pair of them doing commentary over a video of paint drying and it would make me (and you) laugh so hard that you cry. I foresee these two being as thick as thieves until the end of their days, and if possible, they should actually live forever, continually saying funny things and making us fall in love with them for eternity.