11 Famous Kids Who Party Way Harder Than You

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11 Famous Kids Who Party Way Harder Than You Beyonce We Like To Party gif

Hi yes hello. When’s the last time you’ve been to a proper rager instead of the sit-on-the-couch-eating-cheese parties that you usually attend? I know, pajamas are so cozy and TV is so non-judgemental. But I just wanted to be a pal and let you know that there are a bunch of celebrity kids out there showing you right up. They’re putting on their stupidly expensive outfits and going to their ridiculously exclusive parties and making you look so bad. No one else could muster the balls to tell you, but I figured that it was the least that I could do.

In fact, before you run to your nearest search engine to type in “cool places 4 cool ppl to party,” why not find out who exactly you’re in competition with? They’re big shoes to fill, what with their having been introduced to this lifestyle in the fourth grade and all. But if you act quickly, you could totally still catch up to these 11 young celebrities who party way harder than you ever have.

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

At 18 and 16 years old, respectively, these girls have seen the inside of more nightclubs than they’ve received hugs from Kris Jenner. True, once they’d been out for a whole night they’d already beaten that record. But, still.

2. Patrick Schwarzenegger

Maybe he parties so hard to forget that his last name is impossible to spell.

3. Noah Cyrus

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(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

Fun fact: one of the perks of having an older sister who is both rich and famous is that she can take you out to party with her even though you’re only 14!

4. Justin Bieber

Wherever do I begin? It’s almost like he never turns off the party. Which is bad, just to be clear.

5. Christian Combs

Maybe you didn’t hear about his blowout 16th birthday celebration. But, let me just say, it completely lived up to what one would expect of Diddy’s kid.

6. Harry Styles

11 Famous Kids Who Party Way Harder Than You Harry Styles Leaves Club At 3AM London UK June 21 2014 jpg

(Photo: WENN)

If I had a dollar for every drunken photo of Harry post-club, I’d have almost enough to afford a night out with him. Almost.

7. North West

Have you ever —and I do mean ever— had an entire festival in your honor for any of your birthdays, let alone for the first one that you definitely would not remember? Case closed.

8. Maisie Williams

Not all parties happen in dingy Hollywood nightclubs. Maisie’s life seems like a party! And apart from the tons on industry parties she turns up to, the big stink that she made about not being allowed in the adults-only airport Business lounge makes me feel like she’s used to rubbing elbows with the 21-and-up crowd. It’s just a hunch.

9. Ali Lohan

11 Famous Kids Who Party Way Harder Than You Ali Lohan NYFW February 7 2014 jpg

(Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN)

For a while there, it seemed like every other night, there were new photos of Ali out painting the town Lohan with her sister, Lindsay. And, like, Lohan is much, much crazier than plain old red.

10. Jaden Smith

11 Famous Kids Who Party Way Harder Than You Jaden Smith Visits Justin Bieber London UK March 1 2013 jpg

(Photo: Craig Harris/WENN)

Okay, step one: be BFFs with Justin Bieber. Step two: go to an 18 and older club when you are but a wee 14-year-old.

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