20 Famous Actors Who Turned Down Famous Roles

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When you love a certain movie or TV show, it's hard to envision different actors playing the role that made you love it all in the first place. However, this kind of role switching and passed-on parts is something that honestly happens all the time. An actor is offered a role, they turn it down, and it's offered to another actor until someone finally says yes and completely embodies the role. In hindsight, it seems absolutely absurd that they weren't the first choice.

When you happen to be the famous actor, it can be really competitive to land a pivotal and life-changing role that will bring fame, accolades, money, and prestige. Then again, it's never a sure bet and even great actors can wind up in a box office bomb or cheesy flick. There is no way in knowing if the part you pick will be a successful choice or a big regret. Simply stated, sometimes people choose wrong.

1. Christina Applegate turned down Legally Blonde


It's hard to imagine this one because Reese Witherspoon was absolutely perfect and iconic as Elle Woods. But the studio first wanted Christina Applegate for the lead role. Christina, however, didn't want to play another dumb blonde and become typecast so she turned it down. Sadly, she's since admitted that she regrets the move because that comedy is still a fan-favorite to this day.