Nothing Shows The Difference Between Family Guy And The Simpsons Like This Crossover Trailer

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Nothing Shows The Difference Between Family Guy And The Simpsons Like This Crossover Trailer Family Guy Simpsons crossover Comic Con trailer July 2014 jpg

Yesterday San Diego Comic-Con debuted the trailer for “Simpsons Guy,” a crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy that will premiere on FOX this Fall. It’s kind of surprising that this hasn’t been done before, since both shows have been on so long and people tend to lump them together when talking about cartoons for grown-ups. As you’ll notice from this trailer, though, these show are incredibly different. Like, big time.

A lot of people think Family Guy is just a rip-off of The Simpsons, and there’s even a joke about that idea in this very trailer, when Homer tries Quahog beer and complains that it’s just a worse version of the beer in Springfield. But holy cannoli is Family Guy different! It makes The Simpsons look like a kids’ show in comparison. Never has this been more apparent to me than during the scene in this trailer where Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin make prank phone calls. You might think Bart Simpson’s shenanigans are a terrible influence on your children. But after hearing what Stewie considers a phone prank, you’ll be willing to let Bart babysit for you.

Based on the YouTube comments that are already popping up on this video, people are divided into a few camps. There are fans of both shows whose dreams are coming true. Then there are the viewers who think Family Guy is filthy and offensive can’t believe The Simpsons would stoop to their level. Then there are the Family Guy fans who think The Simpsons is boring and unfunny and too mild. And last but not least there are the people who think it’s so hilarious for these two shows to make fun of Bob’s Burgers when that show is better than both of them (ahem, it is, ahem). Who knew cartoons could divide people so?