Gee, I Wonder Why Family Guy’s Emmys Ad Got Rejected

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Family Guy rejected Emmys ad bloated Brentwood Jews Seth MacFarlane

This is the “For Your Consideration” ad that Family Guy submitted in the months leading up to voting for the Emmys. Not surprisingly, it was rejected—especially since, as Heeb Magazine pointed out, “there’s something pointed and insidery about [it]” aside from the general bigotry on display. So how did various blogs get our hands on it? Because creator Seth MacFarlane tweeted it, of course. He gets the same attention (if not more) than he would have had this been published in print media, and he doesn't have to pay for it.

What's interesting to note is what a 180 this ad is from last year's: Stewie forlornly staring at an empty trophy case. The Family Guy people were literally pleading to be recognized just once in their eight years on the air, and that rare humility actually got me a little choked up. But after another fruitless year, the bitterness has set in, and instead we get Peter Griffin delivering the same message — “let us into your club” — in an ugly way. It doesn't even seem funny like some of the show's anti-Semitic or racist jokes. It's just uncomfortable.

Photo: Heeb