This Very Sad Family Feud Fail Will Give You A Cringetastic Start To Your Day

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Family Feud woman loses zero points May 2014

Earlier this week something very embarrassing happened on Family Feud. And if you can believe it, that something didn't have to do with its host Steve Harvey pretending to be funny. It had to do with a family losing out on winning a lot of money in the final round because the last family member up to the plate kinda sorta chokes… a lot. Watching this video will cause a variety of emotions, from secondhand embarrassment to heartbreak to cringiness (that's a thing now). But hey, at least she wasn't racist.

The gist is that the Sass family had reached 182 points in the final round thanks to family member Tim's great answers, and they only needed 18 more points to win the entire game — and the $20,000 prize. So that pretty much means that Anna only had to give one, maybe two popular survey answers out of five, and the family would have been rolling in cash. As I shouldn't have to tell you, since the title of this post includes the word “fail,” Anna doesn't exactly accomplish that.

While this is definitely a cringeworthy video, I gotta cut Anna some slack here. The first survey question she's asked is possibly the stupidest question I've ever heard on this show or any other one: “What chance do you have dating a girl who's a ten?” Umm… what? It isn't even specified that the answer should be a number from one to ten and not a percentage or a phrase like “No chance in hell, buddy” or “Eh, it's worth a shot.” Also who's “you” in this situation? George Clooney probably has a much better chance than some rando on the street. The questions get more straightforward from there, but unfortunately Anna's answers just aren't good enough. On the bright side, this will make every little mistake you make today look not so bad!