17 Throwback Songs That’ll Give You Those ~Fall Feelings~

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Fall is officially here. The crunching leaves and changing temperatures are just beginning, but the excitement that this season brings is undeniably in the air. There's tons of new fall TV on its way and even more great new music.

What better way to get you excited for pumpkin spice and new beginnings than with the soundtrack of fall. Whether these songs are explicitly about the autumn months or just something about them gives off that great ~fall feeling~, add these to your daily playlist to start embracing the cooler weather.

1. “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver


Bon Iver's “Skinny Love” is a song about wanting a love affair to last just a little longer. Maybe your exciting summer fling is fading away or you're just trying to embrace the last bits of warm weather before sweater season. In any case, we're sure you can relate to being unprepared for change. These rich vocals and soft, melodic tune will help ease you out of the high-energy bangers you've been listening to all summer long and get ready for the inevitable change fall brings.
Listen to the track here!