The Only 7 Good Shows To Come Out Of The Fall 2013 Pilot Season

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Maybe it’s because I was paying  more attention this year than I ever have before, but didn’t it seem like there was a lot of nonsense to wade through in fall pilot season this time around? Something about the year 2013 just really made terrible writing, flawed concepts, and unoriginality come out of the woodwork. There was the extremely racist Dads, the incredibly unrealistic, irresponsible approach to family planning in Welcome To The Family, an active New York City police officer in a gratuitous wheelchair in Ironside…and seriously I could do this all day.

It was pretty dismal out there, and enough to get you to give up on the season altogether and just wait for the next batch to come out. But that would be a mistake! Because amid that stinking dungheap of shows that I don’t understand how they made it to air, there were actually some little golden nuggets buried. You just have to be willing to dig through literal crap to find them.

And here at Crushable, that’s…kind of our speciality. Getting our hands dirty so that you don’t have to, figuring out the trends so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of all your friends at that cocktail party, and just generally having your back out there, pop culturally. We’re here for you.

So in that spirit, if I may draw your attention to the center of the room, I’ve assembled a list of the shows that it’s safe for you to watch. Shows where you won’t be blindsided by a stereotypical Asian accent or a man in a wheelchair who lives in a walk-up apartment or the idea that accidental teen pregnancy is really fun. Shows that aren’t just okay, but actually pretty good.

You don’t even have to worry about getting attached to them and having them untimely ripped from your clutches, because they’ve all been picked up for a full season, and some of them have even been renewed for a second season already. So rest easy, and let your old pals at Crushable take over. Here are The Only 7 Good Shows To Come Out Of The Fall 2013 Pilot Season.

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