Fake Chris Harrison Twitter Entertains Us, Dupes Jake Pavelka

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Chris Harrison, who still believes that The Bachelor can produce long-lasting love, is – in dead seriousness – the best thing about the ABC franchise. Chris is not only a puppet of producers – forced to play dumb on things like, “Frank Neuschaefer has a secret girlfriend – whaaaa?” – but he is also a calming force of sanity within a manse full of sociopaths. He seems to sincerely care about each and every contestant, even as he secretly collabs with the show to stir the pot. See: Bachelor Pad! With that said, here's a gift from the Twitter gods: Chris Harrison has a tweeter-impersonator who managed to trick ex-Bachelor Jake Pavelka into thinking the Fake Chris Harrison feed was REAL. The exchange was discovered by Reality Blurred's  Andy Dehnart, who picked up on it yesterday eve. Andy writes:

Tonight, Jake asked the real Chris Harrison “is that you?” Yes, he’s confused by a separate Twitter account that includes a recent post that says, “Hmmm. Someone named @chrisbharrison is impersonating me on here. Everyone knows Im the REAL Chris Harrison. With my 8 followers. SIGH.”

The fake Chris, @hostofbachelor, has posted a series of hilarious, satirical tweets over the past eight days.

Here's our favorite fake Chris tweet: “Some are saying that Im a fake. But Im real as rain. If I get pricked, do I not bleed? Yes, yes I do. Now youve made me cry … .”

And some others!

  • “Yes Jakey. Tis me. Will you accept this rose? I miss you so…. .”
  • “@ChrisLambton13 Chris will you accept this request to please follow me and be my friend? Im so very lonely.”
  • @Roberto_M_Jr I hope you and Ali will come to my house for dinner one night. I have your proposal on DVR. We can watch and giggle like kids.

Awesome. And Fake Chris: Carry on.