16 Fake Celebrity Couples That Were Almost-Certainly Just For Publicity

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Celebrity relationships have to be infinitely more stressful than regular relationships. Not only do you have to deal with all the typical drama, but you have to do it in front of the paparazzi and under the scrutinizing eye of millions of fans. Then there’s also the insane schedules and frequent physical distance that you have to work around. Which is why many of our favorite stars choose to stay single or only date casually — it’s just easier.

But then there are the relationships that are actually work. These relationships are passed off as genuine connections but are ~really~ not real in the slightest. They’re done for publicity — whether it’s for a mutual project or personal ~image~ reasons — and they usually involve lots of planned PDA, paparazzi shots, and over-the-top social media confessions of love. They’re usually quick and perfectly timed to their purpose, and they often leave us heartbroken, wishing that our favorite stars could have actually loved each other. While we don't think any famous fauxmances will admit it themselves — these are the top 16 celebrity couples that were almost-certainly just for publicity. Prepare to be heartbroken!