Extreme Cougar Wives Could Give Sister Wives A Run For Its Romantic Money

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God bless the angels who traveled from Heaven to TLC to grace us with the most wonderful TV shows ever created. Just as I start to cope with the fact Breaking Amish ends this month, I hear the  news that Extreme Cougar Wives will be airing just a week later. Yes, in the same month that Sister Wives returns, we'll get a double dose of love with this special airing on November 25th. A triple dose if these extreme cougar wives get married on the Roloff's Wedding Farm.

Yep, Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm premiere this month too. It's as if God smiled down on us in November 2012 and said, “before I smite the world with the apocalypse, let me give them the world's most extraordinary TV line-up!”

So what do you need to know about Extreme Cougar Wives. Well, first of all. The show's not about men who marry actual cougars. As entertaining as that would be to watch, I think cougar-man relationships are illegal in every state where Cougar Town airs. That's just the law. If you don't like it, make sure to vote tomorrow.

Second of all, these cougars are extreme. Maybe even XXXtreme. We're talking about age gaps so big that Courtney Stodden and Old Men Doug could actually get lost wandering around in them.

People brings us the extreme details about these extreme ladies. Get ready to be extremely extremed after you extreme-a-read this.

Hattie, 76, is introduced by calling her lifestyle “extreme.” Seen with her arms around a guy who is clearly very much her junior, she explains, “There are a lot of people who use the word ‘cougar' to describe an older woman who sleeps with younger men.”

Then there's Stephanie, 65, who is head-over-heels for 28-year-old Octavio.

“I'm 37 years older than he is,” she says of her beau, whose friends do not approve of their relationship. “You can't control who you fall in love with.”

The third woman, Jude, 53, met her 21-year-old boyfriend Kevin when he dated her daughter seven years ago.

Hattie, Stephanie and Jude may be our new favorite role models.  Especially Hattie for not letting her age — or her family– get in the way of meeting her one true love.

While we apparently have to wait a few weeks for the show to air, we can start preparing by dating someone at least 25 years younger that us. I'd say 26 years, but I don't feel super comfortable dating an embryo.