16 Celebrities Who Went on the Most Extreme Diets for a Role

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It is a known fact that actors and actresses are often asked to change their weight for a film role. Sadly, many actresses are told to lose weight, even if they are comfortable with their body. In other circumstances, people have to lose weight because they are playing a character who is sick. In order to more accurately portray that character, an actor or actress will take on an extreme diet to lose weight quickly. But extreme diets aren't just for losing weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are actors and actresses who've had to gain weight to play a character! Henry Cavill isn't at Superman‘s weight all year round. That takes a lot of work and dedication! And then some actors will go to both extremes in a year, which honestly just sounds unhealthy. Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Jackman have both lost weight for a role, then turned around to gain a bunch of weight for a different character within the same year. We're not sure we could do it — no matter how much they were paying us!